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Romaine with Guy's homemade chicken salad and crispy bacon. a spicy mustard dressing to ad a little zing and this is one refreshing and exciting salad that will not leave you hungry.

The Nor Cal

Guy's Thanksgiving sandwich has turkey, lettuce, cream  cheese, and of course cranberry sauce. 

The Kick Butt is pulled pork with warm onions, melted pepper jack cheese and bacon. 

The Foodie

The Texas Meatball Is the meatball drenched with Guy's Homemade Chili and topped with melted mozzarella cheese.

Guy's triple tomato has 3 layers of tomato and 3 layers of Mozzarella cheese 2 layers of olives and Italian dressing lettuce mayo and mustard on a French roll.

Guy"s Over the top Chicken salad. Chicken salad with spicy mustard and home made hot sauce and with bacon. 

The Daniel Triple pig has Pulled pork, Ham, melted Cheddar topped with crispy bacon on a french roll

Guy's For Lunch

Roast beef with ham and double swiss lettuce tomato pepperonchinies and olives.

The Awesome is a Turkey salami with cheddar cheese. Sliced Avocado, cucumber, Pepperonchinies, some mayo and mustard on a Fresh out of the oven sourdough roll.